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New Africa Inks - KwaZulu-Natal Head Office Branch

There is no doubt that South Africa has a fantastic market for printing companies. There are many companies serving the market that offer fantastic silk screen and traditional printing methods to a large client base. Of course, these companies need access to printing ink and varnish manufacturers that are able to provide premium quality inks and complete service excellence at all times.

New Africa Inks is a printing ink and varnish manufacturer. They have branches in KwaZulu Natal and every one of these branches employs individuals that are passionate about printing and customer service. They are all educated and highly trained which means that you can expect to be provided with valuable printing ink and over-print varnish information and advice whenever you require it.

Contact New Africa Inks in Durban, South Africa:

61 Willowfield Crescent
Springfield Park
Tel: (031) 569 2330

Or contact our Johannesburg branch, or Cape Town branch

By contacting any of their branches you will find that their staff members are ready and waiting to make your printing task a hassle free and convenient one. They will advise you on which printing ink and overprint varnish is ideal for your particular job and will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Allow them to provide you with a top quality product and customer service that is second to none.

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New Africa Inks has been in the business since 2005 and are able to offer its clients the following products:

  • UV curable silk screen printing ink
  • Solvent based silk screen printing ink
  • UV flexographic printing ink
  • Cationic flexographic printing ink
  • Water based flexographic printing ink
  • Solvent based flexographic printing ink
  • Solvent based gravure ink
  • UV based digital ink
  • Solvent based digital ink
  • Water based digital ink
  • Conventional offset ink
  • UV curable offset ink
  • UV overprint varnish
  • Solvent based overprint varnish
  • Water based overprint varnish

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