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Solvent Based Digital Ink

Carrying out a print job will require for the printer to make use of the correct type of digital inks and make use of the right materials. New Africa Inks is the right place to be when seeking out a reliable, cost effective and reputable solvent based digital ink manufacturer.

Not all digital ink suppliers are able to provide such quality and value for money as New Africa Inks does. In fact their range of digital inks offers such quality that you can expect every print task to provide a vibrant and eye catching colour and image result. Solvent based digital inks require heat dryers in order to dry correctly. 35-40% of the ink volume is lost during this evaporative drying process. This means that printers have to apply 40% more volume to the material if they want to achieve a dense colour result. Solvent based digital inks have been popular in the printing industry for use on materials that are non absorbent such as poly films. A lot is changing in the printing industry and environmental issues have brought about additional costs in the use and disposal of solvent materials. If you are unsure about the use of solvent based digital ink, then chat to the friendly consultants at New Africa Inks who will be more than willing to assist you with all your queries and concerns.

New Africa Inks has so much to offer in terms of product quality and value for money. They are digital ink suppliers with affordable, reliable and top quality products to offer their clients.

When seeking out the services and advice of a professional digital ink supplier, take the time to contact New Africa Inks. You will find that they are able to provide you with a cost effective and reliable digital ink and digital printing solution.

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