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UV Digital Printing Ink

When doing screen printing or any other type of printing for that matter it is vitally important to use the correct type of ink for each particular print task. Making use of the incorrect printing ink could result in the image quality being inferior or the print actually fading prematurely, resulting in the packaging (or whatever you choose to print) to look somewhat tatty. UV curable inks are a popular choice in digital inks for a wide range of print tasks.

UV digital inks are often used in the flexographic printing process. Ultraviolet digital ink has many advantages over the water based and solvent based digital inks. As the market grows and becomes more demanding for eye catching images printing companies become more focused on producing intense and colour dense images that offer greatly increased quality in the printed result. UV curable digital inks are able to assist with producing such images and end results.

UV digital printing is very similar to other forms of printing in the fact that it is still ink on a page, but the way this ink dries is very different from other techniques. UV inks dry through a photomechanical process, which is quite different from normal inks, which dry by solvents evaporating into the air. When digital inks are exposed to UV light they change very quickly from a liquid to a solid state. UV digital inks are also able to print flawlessly onto plastic and other non-porous material which makes them ideal for all types of printing processes.

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