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Flexo Ink

It is always important to use the correct type of ink when processing a print job. The task of printing is not always a simple one and with assistance from a professional you can acquire the right type of ink for the job at an affordable rate. A reputable supplier such as New Africa Inks will ensure that their range is fully comprehensive and includes variations such as Cationic flexo ink, solvent based flexo ink, water-based flexo ink and ultra violet flexo ink.

Flexographic printing is a process that makes use of a roller with a rubber surface that prints with a raised area. One of the major benefits flexographic printing is that the process and technique produces a fabulous end result and doesn’t use a lot of flexo ink. There have been vast improvements in the industry and a popular trend towards the use of UV flexo inks is definitely noted. Ultraviolet flexo ink is popular for the fact that they add intense colour and quality to any image. Water based flexo ink and cationic flexo ink are also popular choices for flexographic printing. These types of ink and the flexographic technique used are preferred for the fact that they ensure a quick turnaround time on jobs as the UV light assists with a quick drying process.

Making use of flexo printing inks and the flexographic printing process can also be a company’s way of "going green" as these types of inks do not make use of solvents and therefore do not produce emissions. A smooth, crisp and clear finish is guaranteed when making use of these particular types of inks.

When looking for flexo ink and a flawless quality print, take the time to contact New Africa Inks and chat to them about the options that they have available to you today. Waste no more time – contact New Africa Inks today.

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