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UV Flexo Ink

Printing is quite big business and if you need a job printed with a top quality finish then it is important that you always use the correct type of ink for the job. At New Africa Inks you can expect to be assisted to find the right type of flexographic ink at the right price.

Flexographic printing is a printing technique that uses a roller with a rubber surface that prints with a raised area. It doesn’t use very much ink and produces a fabulous end result. Flexographic printing has changed and improved as time has passed. Recent developments have shown the popularity of UV flexo ink being used in the process. UV inks are known to add intense colour and image quality to print jobs, especially when the flexographic printing process is used. UV flexo inks are a popular choice as they offer a fast turnaround time on tasks as they dry rather quickly with the assistance of a UV light. UV inks also produce no emissions as they do not make use of solvents as other printing inks do.

When flexographic printing is done and the right flexo printing inks are used you can expect a finish that is smooth, clear and crisp. UV flexo inks are ideal for use if you need to get a job out quickly. You can expect for your printed job to be dry and ready for distribution within seconds of it being printed. New Africa Inks has 5 years experience in the flexographic printing ink market and have more than a wealth of valuable printing information and advice to offer you.

When looking for ultra violet flexo ink there is simply one place to go! Contact New Africa Inks for more product specs and information today. You will find that they will have just the printing and ink supply solution for you.

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