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UV Offset Ink

Lithographic offset printing requires a particular type of ink in order to produce a top quality finish. UV offset ink has proven itself to be a fast drying in when assisted with a UV light. This means that your ink immediately develops when it is exposed to the UV light.

UV offset inks have a variety of great benefits to offer starting with its quick turnaround time on tasks due to its fast drying abilities and its lack of damaging emissions. Offset printing is used in print tasks where large volumes or printing needs to be done at a cost effective rate and with very little maintenance. This type of printing is most often used for printing news papers, books, brochures and stationary as it produces a high image quality.

One offset printing manufacturer, New Africa Inks, has five years experience in the offset printing supplies market. With their expertise and professional approach to each and every client, they are able to secure clients on an ongoing basis. Their offset inks are of the very best quality and can be purchased at a cost effective rate. In an attempt to keep their products catalogue alive with new and exciting products they have even partnered with leading United States and United Kingdom printing ink suppliers. Their dedication to investing in their own people and growth of the company shows through in their friendly approach and service excellence.

New Africa Inks is a company that focuses its attention on proving a variety of inks and varnishes including the ever popular UV offset ink. Their products are guaranteed to be of excellent quality and you will always find a friendly consultant to assist you with any queries or concerns that you might have. Take the time to contact New Africa Inks for more information and advice on their range of UV offset inks today.

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