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Printing Ink & Varnish Products

  • Screen Printing Inks - One of the most versatile silk screen supplies, and able to print on a variety of materials. Ideal for printing on ceramics, wood, plastic, textile, and glass and even metal. Screen printing inks available from New Africa Inks:
    • UV Curable Screen Printing Inks - dries immediately when exposed to UV light. No organic compounds are present in this ink type.
    • Solvent Based Printing Inks - popular for printing T-shirts, stickers, and even signage.
    • Plastisol inks - for garment and t-shirt printing. Plastisol does not produce air-polluting solvents and organic compounds that are volatile.
  • Flexographic printing inks - Does not make use of solvents or produce emissions. Provides an intense colour result: crisp, smooth and top quality results are guaranteed with flexo ink. Flexographic printing inks supplied by New Africa Inks:
    • UV Flexo Inks - dried using a UV light, ie your ink will immediately cure when exposed to a UV light.
    • Cationic Flexo Inks - mainly used for printing of retorted materials. Also popular as it is able to withstand shrink processes.
    • Solvent Based Flexo Inks - preferred for long print runs and ability to print successfully on a wide variety of substrates. Llow solvent retention and high-speed printing capabilities.
    • Water Based Flexo Inks - The dye or colour is suspended in a water base. On drying, the water evaporates leaving the colour behind. No/low pollutants or solvents make water-based flexographic ink safer for the environment.
  • Gravure Inks - A versatile printing ink used to create sharp quality /images, usually only for long print runs. Popular for use in the fine art and photography industries. Gravure ink manufactured by New Africa Inks:
    • Solvent Based Gravure Ink - provides strong colour result with low solvent/pollutant retention.
    • Nitrocellulose Based Laminating ink - produces a high quality and intense colour print result for Flexographic and Gravure ink processes.
  • Offset Inks - Free from water soluble particles, the only binding mediums used within them are lithographic varnishes and certain lacquers. New Africa Inks manufactures two types of offset printing inks:
    • UV Curable Offset Inks - dries instantly when exposed to UV light. Popular due to literally no drying time needed, saving time.
    • Conventional Offset Ink - this type of offset ink takes a bit longer to dry and no UV light is used in the process.
  • Digital Inks - Allows for flawless printing, used mainly for printing on fabric, paper and textile. New Africa Inks manufactures three types of digital printing inks:
    • Solvent Based Digital Printing Inks - this particular type of digital ink is applied through an infiltration system. It also has a prolonged life span due to its being coated in a protective varnish and being heat dried.
    • Water Based Digital Printing Inks - this type of ink is mostly used for printing plastic bags, cardboard boxes and paper bags.
    • UV Curable Digital Printing Inks - these types of digital inks offer a better image quality and colour density. It is a popular option as it dries immediately when exposed to UV light.
  • Overprint Varnishes - Clear or tinted varnish applied over the entire document for a professional finish, or just used as spot varnishing to present a creative edge. New Africa Inks manufactures three main types of over-print varnishes:
    • Solvent Based Varnishes - Solvent-based varnish must be left to dry completely before being touched to allow the solvent to completely evaporate.
    • Water Based Overprint Varnishes - the preferred option as it dries so quickly. Contains less toxins or pollutants than other over-print varnishes, and any mess can also be cleaned up with water.
    • UV Curable Overprint Varnishes - no volatile organic compounds, dries extremely quickly when exposed to a UV light, and provides a high gloss finish.
  • Specialty Inks - A wide range of specialty inks are produced by New Africa Inks includes a variety of inks and varnishes that create dazzling results:
    • Metallic Ink - include metallic particles to catch the light to cause shine or luster.
    • Glitter ink - mostly used for screen printing processes. Produces a bright print result with ease. Heat is used to dry this ink properly for best results.
    • Thermo chromic ink - highly sensitive to various temperatures. Expect the printed area to temporarily change colour when exposed to heat.
    • Photo chromic ink - light sensitive which means that they will change colour when exposed to a UV light or sunlight. Photo chromic inks are popular for use in the silkscreen printing, gravure printing and flexo printing processes.
    • Fluorescent Ink - invisible glow in the dark ink that glows when exposed to a UV light. Popular with interesting marketing techniques and are often used for security purposes too.
    • Sublimation Ink - a special ink that can be used to print on a range of popular hard surface items, such as mugs, coated ceramics, licence plates, metals, polyester cloth and even Lycra.

When ordering any of these high quality ink printing products from New Africa Inks you can expect to be provided with value for money and a service excellence. Contact New Africa Inks to find the best ink product for you needs.


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