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Eco ink is fast becoming the ink of choice in many office printers. The market has recently been provided with a range of eco solvent inks that are available with various enhancements such as wide subset of colours and fast drying abilities. A high quality print result is guaranteed when making use of eco sol inks as it produces a finish that is both scratch and chemical resistant.

You will find that eco solvent inks are more affordable than other ink types on the market. What's more is that these inks produce no harmful fumes or vapours which means it is environmentally friendly and offers an affordable printing option for companies looking to "go green". This also means that the printing company involved will not require a solvent ventilation system, thus saving them money. Eco solvent ink is often used for printing outdoor signage and is excellent for printing on both coated and uncoated surfaces. It is popular for use on billboards too. Eco sol ink is known to produce a vibrant colour result, be extremely durable and even keep printing costs down due to its sheer durability.

Eco solvent inks are the chosen choice in ink as they provide an economical and environmentally friendly printing option as opposed to their competitor inks which are damaging to the environment and fairly expensive. You will find that eco sol ink is also available in eco cartridges which are made from a recycled plastic which is completely re-usable. There are various types of eco ink available in a variety of brands and if you are looking to get your printing out the way while still your bit for the environment, then eco inks are certainly the way to go.

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