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Silk Screen Printing Ink Supplier

Silk screen printing is a popular printing option and technique due to its excellent quality end result and cost effectiveness. The process of silk screen printing is quite a versatile printing method and has been used for many years. Silkscreen printing makes it possible to print on a variety of substrates including glass, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and fabric. Of course the right silk screen inks must be used for the best results.

Silkscreen printing supplies that will be required include items such as a silk screen, squeegee, stencils and silkscreen ink. There are various types of silk screen inks available on the market including solvent based ink, water based ink, UV curable ink and Plastisol ink. All these screen printing ink types have their own advantages and disadvantages attached.

Screen printing produces a high quality image which is desired in t-shirt printing, sticker printing and even the making of signage. It is important in each of these printing practices that the print result is of a high quality, scratch resistant and able to withstand washing or the elements. The type of screen printing ink used in each process will depend on the substrate that needs to be printed on. If you are unsure which ink is required for a particular task, simply chat to the professionals in the field such as New Africa Inks and allow them to advise and inform you on the best screen printing inks to use and the best techniques to follow.

If you are looking for the right silk screen printing inks and silk screen printing supplies then you have certainly come to the right place. Contact us at New Africa Inks for assistance and advice on getting the right products and accessories for the job. Waste no more time – make that call today.

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