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Silk Screen Supplies

Silk screen printing is renowned for its high quality and long-lasting results, which can be applied to a variety of different surfaces. However, in order for this method to produce optimal results, it’s essential to use only the best ink for printing on different materials.

New Africa Inks stocks an extensive range of silk screen supplies to meet clients’ diverse printing requirements. From plastic and fabric printing to stickers and signage, we have the right ink to meet your printing needs.

Continue reading to learn more about New Africa Ink’s screen printing supplies, or view our ink product range now.

Why do I need special silk screen supplies?

Silk screen printing – more commonly known as screen printing – uses high quality inks to produce superior printing results. Screen printing can be applied to a range of different materials and surfaces, including paper, glass, fabric, metal, plastic and others. However, if you’ve ever tried to write on glass with a ballpoint pen, you’ll know how important it is to have the right materials for the job!

Screen printing can produce such great results that it would be a pity to use low-quality or incorrect ink during the process. Not only will the print be of inferior quality, but you could even damage the material onto which you’re printing, wasting both time and money.

Thus, special inks have been created to produce images on a range of different surfaces. These inks are bright, versatile and enduring, and are ideal for printing on a host of different materials – even wood and metal. These inks are available in a range of different colours and can be purchased directly from New Africa Ink.

What kinds of screen ink are available?

New Africa Inks stocks the three primary kinds of screen ink for printing: UV curable screen printing inks, which dry immediately upon being exposed to UV light; solvent-based printing inks, which are ideal for fabric, stickers and signage, and plastisol inks, which have been created especially for printing on fabrics.

If you’re not sure which of these ink products to purchase, consider the kind of surface(s) you plan to print on, and then select the ideal ink for printing on your chosen material.

What other silk screen supplies are used for making screen prints?

While ink is one of the most important components of screen printing, several other silk screen supplies are also required. Since the image is printed onto mesh, which is stretched across a wooden or aluminium frame, other supplies include a pre-made silk screen, a squeegee, photo-emulsion and the image itself, which should be drawn or printed on vellum. Various smaller accessories, adhesive tapes and cutting tools are also used during the process.

Buy ink for printing at New Africa Ink

If you require ink for silk screen printing, look no further than New Africa Ink. We offer the highest quality products at competitive rates, and we pride ourselves on our wide range of colours and varieties.

View our range of ink for printing now, or contact us for any further information you may require.

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