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Screen Printing Ink

Screen printing is one of the most versatile types of printing out there. It is used to print on a variety of materials including paper, plastic, glass, metal and even fabric. This particular process is used for printing items such as labels, decals, sign boards and posters to name but a few. Screen printing ink is thicker than other printing inks. This makes it possible to print on a variety of materials of different shapes, thicknesses and sizes.

New Africa Inks is an ink company based in KwaZulu Natal with branches in Cape Town and Gauteng that supplies UV curable inks, and solvent based screen printing inks, and plastisol inks:

  • UV curable Screen Printing Inks – this type of ink is the fastest drying printing ink on the market. UV ink contains no solvent and dries with the assistance of a strong UV light source. Your printed product cures instantly when exposed to the uv light source. UV curable inks are also an environmentally friendly type of ink as they contain no volatile organic compounds.. If you would like to reduce your carbon foot print then UV screen printing is the way to go.
  • Solvent based inks – this type of screen printing ink requires time to dry. The ink consists of usually 50 – 70% solvent which is evaporated into the air during the drying process. The print effect is usually quite durable in that it is rub and scratch resistant.
  • Plastisol inks - for garment and t-shirt printing. Plastisol ink must be heated to between 144 and 166 degrees Celsius in order to properly dry, so only suitable on fabrics, materials and textiles that can withstand such heating.

Printing ink suppliers such as New Africa Inks understand the need for a cost effective and reliable screen printing solution. With this in mind they supply only the best quality solvent inks and UV inks.

Take the time to contact New Africa Inks for more information and advice on their various types of screen printing ink today. You can expect to find a solution to all your printing needs.

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