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UV Screen Printing Ink

UV screen printing ink is known to develop faster than any other types of screen printing ink used and competes with the popular solvent based screen printing inks often used. Ultra violet screen printing ink is a firm favorite for its environmentally friendly makeup.

Screen printing is used for printing on various materials including plastic, paper and even glass. This is made possible by its thickness which makes it easy to attach to various substrates. It is often used in the creation of eye catching signs, decals, bumper stickers and posters. As mentioned above UV screen printing inks dry and set quickly with the use of an ultra violet light. The printed product cures immediately when exposed to the light. There are no volatile organic compounds present in ultra violet printing inks which make them a great product to support if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

When looking for UV inks for screen printing it is important to approach a screen printing ink manufacturer that has at least a few years experience on the market. New Africa Inks is a company that has been in the inks and printing industry for 5 years and brings a great deal of expertise and quality products to the market. Focused on customer service and product reliability, they turn all first time clients into loyal supporters. Their promise of top quality products and on-time deliveries also keep clients coming back for more.

If you are looking for UV screen printing ink and would like to ensure that you and your business are following environmentally practices, while still saving on the cost of silk screen supplies then take the time to contact New Africa Inks. They will ensure that you are provided with a product that suits both your needs and budget. Waste no more time - make that call today!

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