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Fluorescent Inks

Fluorescent inks are basically invisible inks that show-up or glow when exposed to a UV light. These types of inks are quite popular as they can be used for a variety of unusual and interesting marketing techniques. Fluorescent inks are often used for security purposes too.

Various types of fluorescent inks are developed specifically for the purpose of marking items or materials that are non-porous such as plastic and glass.Fluorescent inks are usually applied to the product or surface of the material and then checked with a UV light or a black light. Some of these inks are so advanced that they are visible when applied to some surfaces and completely invisible when applied to others. Of course while these inks are used to mark items for security purposes and even to provide admission via hand stamps, they are also supplied for use in standard inkjet printers. It is used to print data on forms without taking up much needed space on the form. The processor will usually have the equipment or lighting to read the information provided.

In some cases fluorescent ink, which is sometimes called "invisible ink" is used to create interesting pieces of art, create dynamic printed photos and even print images and messages onto t-shirts and other items of clothing. While there are many suppliers of inkjet inks, none can quite match up to the standard of quality, value for money and service excellence provided by leading supplier, New Africa Inks. This particular ink supplier will ensure that you are provided with a wide variety of printing ink products to choose from and are always more than willing to provide you with useful information and advice regarding their products and how to best use them.

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