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Solvent Based Varnishes

What many people do not realize is that solvent based varnishes are in fact varnishes that are oil based. Solvent-based varnish is not as quick drying as UV and water-based varnishes and only really sets once the solvent within it, in this case the oil, actually dries. This means that when a solvent based varnish is used, it must be left to dry without being touched or smudged. Solvent based varnishes are also very often referred to as just lacquer.

Solvent based varnishes are often used in overprint procedures by printers in addition to regular water based varnishes and UV varnishes. It provides a great finish to a page or product which is shiny, classy looking and greatly appealing. Of course it needs to be properly applied and as mentioned before, allowed to dry. There are two things to watch out for when making use of a solvent based varnish: this particular product is flammable and solvent pollution can be experienced if it is not handled correctly. It is a common known fact that solvent varnishes are extremely easy to work with and provide a phenomenal end result. It has been a popular product for many years and has only just recently been receiving competition from water-based and solvent free varnishes that are entering the market. We stock a wide range of varnishes for your consideration.

The hard film or surface of solvent varnishes only form as the solvent evaporates and thickens. This is why it is of utmost importance not to disturb the printed product if you want to ensure that the very best results are achieved. When working with these types of varnishes, a vapour mask and protective gloves are usually worn to protect the user from health hazards. Your solvent based varnish will start off as a liquid and then go through various stages where it becomes thicker, gooey and then eventually stiffens, before properly hardening. The heat and humidity being experienced at the time will affect the time that it takes for your solvent based varnish to actually set.

If you are seeking out a company that assists with over printing with solvent based varnishes then you have come to the right place. At New Africa Inks we are aware of what looks good and what is popular on the market, especially when it comes to over print varnish techniques and products. We have a great many years of experience in printing with these particular types of products and can be trusted to work safely and efficiently with them and present you with a flawless end result that you can be proud of.

Take the time to browse through our extensive range of screen printing ink and varnish products and chat to one of our friendly consultants about our solvent based varnish. We are varnish suppliers that have your best interests and budget at heart. Contact New Africa Inks at your nearest branch – we have outlets in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town standing by to assist you.

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