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UV Varnish

When looking into printing you have to take into account the type of finish that you would like to achieve. Would you like a nice matt finish or a sleek glossy finish? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself. Many clients like to have spot UV varnishing used over their print to give it a bit of shine and interest. Making sure that you have access to the right varnish is essential if you are looking for a top quality print that will last. New Africa Inks is a leading South African ink manufacturer that also stocks a range of UV varnish. What’s more interesting is that these types of varnishes are environmentally friendly due to the lack of volatile organic compounds in its make-up.

New Africa Inks is a varnish manufacturer that takes great pride in producing over print varnish that is of world class quality. Their UV curable varnish is fast drying as it is assisted with the use of ultra violet light. This particular type of varnish is used for high gloss finishes and can make a clients logo or image stand out perfectly. It can also be applied to the entire page in order to give it that professional glossy finish. Of course there are different types of over print varnishes to go for so it is important to chat to consultant about which type is best for the type of finish you are trying to achieve.

The fact of the matter is that New Africa Inks has been focused on being a top notch varnish supplier since its formation in 2005. Their 5 years experience in the market has certainly stood them in good stead as the company is growing from strength to strength.

If you are on the lookout for cost effective and top quality UV varnish then take the time to contact New Africa Inks for more information and advice today. They will provide you with a complete ink and varnish solution.

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