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Water-Based Over-Print Varnishes

An over-print varnish is a type of varnish that is applied to material or sheet that has already been printed. Over-print varnishes are used to create a gloss finish, resist stains, scuff resistance, colour enhancement. There are three main types of over print varnishes used in the printing industry including radiation curable over-print varnishes (also called UV curable varnish), oil based over-print varnishes and water-based over-print varnishes.

Water-based over-print varnishes are often referred to as an "aqueous coating". This particular type of varnish has a styrenic or acrylic binding system. A clearer and enhanced look and finish is acquired when a water-based over-print varnish is used. Water-based varnishes require heat in order to dry properly, so most printing companies make use of hot air ovens or infrared heaters. If a low temperature is used and there is a maximum air flow created, you can expect the final result of your image and over-print varnish to be flawless.

Water-based over-print varnishes are often preferred types of varnish by companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint as they are friendlier to the environment. This is due to the fact that water-based varnishes have fewer toxins than other varnishes. Over-print varnishes are used by many companies to make a logo stand out and are sometimes even used to coat a page in entirety to achieve a professional and glossy appearance.

Knowing which type of over-print varnish to use is the task of a professional printing team. If you are looking to add something special to a printed document or are looking for a glossy professional look and feel to a catalogue, brochure or business document then chat to the friendly consultants about the various types of over-print varnishes available to achieve this. Contact us at New Africa inks for more useful printing information, advice and quotations today

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